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The Continental Restaurant and Martini Bar




FACTS:  Located in Old City, Philadelphia


French Onion Soup Dumplings:  Gruyere Cheese

Cheeseburger:  Pat La Frieda “Special Blend” Burger with Sauteed Onions and Sharp Cheddar


Don’t be fooled by the diner-esque-style storefront since there’s plenty more than meets the eye here. Housing a martini bar, along with a cuisine that extends beyond anything American, there’s a little something for everyone at Continental.  In addition, you will be surprised by the much larger space and retro design, as well.

Seeing the French onion soup dumplings listed on their menu was a wonderful surprise.   Having first tried these dumplings at The Stanton Social years ago, they’ve remained a favorite of mine ever since.  Swimming in broth and loaded with cheese, these bite-size soup dumplings are one of the best (miniature) renditions ever.

For my main course, I ordered the cheeseburger platter.  Wow!  Juicy, cooked to perfection, and sandwiched in a soft, yet firm roll; need I say more?  Being just as enamored with their uber thin and crispy fries, I was in heaven!

Having thoroughly enjoyed my meal, I highly recommend this place.

QUICK TIDBIT:  Be sure to check out all of Stephen Starr’s restaurants:  http://www.starr-restaurant.com/


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